Price List For The T.A.P. Fin System


There is a 20% Fee for Restocking any order.

Custom orders welcome. Visa/MasterCard Accepted.

All orders come with easy installation instructions.

Installation is required (Note: some modification may be required). Fins can be attached with a 2-stage epoxy or can be welded on. Fits on Pontoon House Boats and on U-shaped logs. Use extreme caution when installing on Foam Filled Pontoons.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Fins!

If TAP fins can’t help you the water glides will. Check them out at!

patent displayed on boat patent displayed on boat
It is a violation of Federal Law for a manufacturer to declare that something WILL violate the warranty. This is part of the same protection that forbids them from forcing you to use THEIR service department at pain of violating the warranty. They are allowed to state that it may violate the warranty, and if the manufacturer or dealership can show that substandard work (or a defective product) was the proximate cause of a failure that leads to a warranty claim; then can refuse to honor the warranty. Aftermarket products (tap fins or otherwise) don’t give warranty destroying “cooties”; and nobody should allow their dealership or manufacturer to bully them into thinking that it does.