In Action

The T.A.P Fin System in action

See the Difference side by side and up close

(A view from under your deck. What you don’t see!)

Without the T.A.P. Fin System

Without the T.A.P. Fin System…
Negative Performance. Too much water force.

With the T.A.P. Fin System

Positive Performance with T.A.P.
Look at the reduction of water force
with the T.A.P. Fin System

(US Patent # 5,911,187)

With Under Skin




(Pictures captured between pontoons at the SAME RPMs.)


Positive PERFORMANCE all the way

Only the T.A.P. Fin System provides full length
performance on the inside and outside of the pontoons



T.A.P. Fin System Outside

T.A.P. Fin System Inside

SEE the DIFFERENCE Inside and Out!

The T.A.P. Fin System is an excellent investment in performance efficiency. Capture that inefficient lost energy and channel that energy usefully.