How It Works

How the T.A.P. Fin System Works



View From Back of Pontoons

Competitors’ Lifting Strakes

T.A.P. Fin System

With the T.A.P. Fin System, the water is channelled back down, creating lift, increasing control and performance.
Mounted at the waterline the T.A.P. Fin System is located at a position where it can provide the greatest benefit.

T.A.P. Fins work on three log
and U-shaped pontoons.

side view

The T.A.P. Fin System is Clearly the Best

As the diameter of the pontoon has increased over the years, so has the desire to increase horse-power,
speed and performance. What has been overlooked is safety, handling and stability.
The T.A.P. Fin System was specifically designed to solve these problems.

All orders include easy installation instructions

T.A.P. Fins can be attached with a 2-stage epoxy or can be welded on. Fits on Pontoon House Boats
and on U-shaped logs. Use extreme caution when installing on Foam Filled Pontoons.