Compare The Performance:

Turning at Speed Without T.A.P. Fins:

Note the tendency to roll and come out of the water when turning at speed WITHOUT the T.A.P. Fin System

Turning at Speed WITH T.A.P. Fins:

Note the stability and control when turning at speed WITH the T.A.P. Fin System

“You carve through the turns, not slide through them” — Charlie Plueddeman, Boating Magazine

Lost performance without T.A.P.® Fin System. This boat is shown at slow, medium and full speed. The amount of force coming off the boat is lost performance.


No matter what size strakes you have, algae, zebra mussels and other aquatic life can(and will) grow inside and build-up on the outside.

All this dirt and algae creates drag and reduces speed and performance

Algae growing inside and outside, will need to be cleaned inside otherwise it grows 2-times faster in Spring and that is alot of extra weight to carry around all summer.

Zebra mussels and other aquatic life will grow inside of strake. This can block the draining of water so strake can lift pontoon added weight can't get out fast enough which clogs performance.

Since the T.A.P.® Fin System runs along the waterline and does not contain cavities, they are easier to clean and less opportunity for bacteria and algae growth. This will maintain performance and speed of your pontoon.

T.A.P. = Technically Advanced Performance. Patented Technology


Side Flow Force Retain flow force power