Up Close

Compare T.A.P. Fins Up Close

Without T.A.P. fins you may get Bent out of shape


The basic fins that may come with a pontoon
boat simply cannot take the wear of actual
conditions and do not give you coverage
past the tip of the pontoon.

Without the T.A.P. Fin System, there is no solid
solution to address the problem leaving owners
stuck trying to solve it on their own.

COMPARE our package with any other on the market for either 2 or 3 log Pontoons!

T.A.P. Holds Under Pressure!

T.A.P. is Strong Enough to Sit in a Sling!

The T.A.P. Fin System won’t let you down

With the T.A.P. Fin System, the entire length of the
pontoon has coverage and performance, not just in front.

Underneath both the wave shield and T.A.P. Fin.