T.A.P. Fins have earned praise from many people from various sources including the media, industry experts, and satisfied customers listed on the pages below.

Please explore the comments for their perspective on T.A.P. Fins.


From The Media… Tap Fins Vs. Lifting Strakes For years we’ve been trying to find the right situation to compare the TAP Fins by Conrad Marine to manufacturer lifting strakes. Our biggest challenge? Finding two identical pontoon boats with identical engines so these two performance options could truly be tested, compared and evaluated. Click here …

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From The Experts… Dick Snyder, retired Mercury Marine Engineer: Over my past 42 years as an engineer for Mercury Marine I have had numerous occasions to drive various brands of pontoon boats from 20 ft. to 26 ft. Generally, they have had on-plane handling characteristics that were not as controllable as conventional planing monohulls. These …

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From The Customer… STANLEY C. WISCONSIN 30′ HARRIS-KAYOT HOUSEBOAT, 130 HP IO STD PKG BILL M. MARYLAND 26′ CUSTOM CONRAD MARINE, 115 HP SS PKG Bill runs his boat on Chesapeake Bay & in the Atlantic Ocean! Bert Neuland from Lincolnwood, Illinois said after his speedboat broke down, “What a surprise! A pontoon with performance …

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Scott’s Story

Scott’s Story… Rolling through the water as steady as a rock! The T.A.P. Fin System gives this fisherman an extra edge. Hi Malcolm, I have made numerous changes on my pontoon boat (1991 Grumman 24′ with Honda 90HP 4stroke) over the years to make it more wheelchair/fishing friendly. The large bench seats were removed and …

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